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Computer Science Internship in Exoskeletons and Mobile Robotic Systems

Auxsys is an Aachen based Startup that focuses on active exoskeletons and robotic systems. We are constantly developing new and innovative technology. Our Systems incorporate a great deal on edge computing. We are looking for Interns and Master Thesis workers.

We are always trying to find the optimal topic for people that work with us. Here is a list of potential topics we offer:

  • Optimizing the power efficiency by improving the control algorithms used for motor control.
  • Optimizing the systems dynamic by implementation of adaptive algorithms and AI.
  • Development of automatic testing software for robotic actuators.
  • Implementation of Flash-Over-Can features for Over-The-Air updates
  • Development of a haptic control driver to integrate our exoskeletons into VR environments.
  • Development of a haptic control driver to control other robotic systems
  • Datamining on exoskeleton telemetry data
  • Gate synthesis for legged robots with Nvidia RL environments

If one or more topics are interesting for you we would be quite happy to offer you an intern or master thesis position.

For more information on these potential topics or others, please just contact us. Looking forward hearing from you.

Enno Dülberg

Open from

from 07/10/2024

Contact information

Enno Dülberg, Auxsys GmbH, duelberg@auxsys.com, +4917624980202

Auxsys GmbH

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