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Team member with business management skills for EXIST Forschungstransfer project

In our modern, digitized world, masses of unstructured data are now produced on an unprecedented scale - be it posts on social media, user comments on public websites, or economic and business reports. These data contain hidden information that is highly valuable to companies, businesses and even government agencies. It contains information about peoples’ attitudes toward brands and labels, their emotions and sentiments related to specific products and services, to general public attitudes and opinions. Such data even contain statistical cues that make it possible to gain more insights into peoples’ personality or their mental health.

We, at ClaritySciTech, develop NLP software solutions to derive actionable insights from unstructured data and help our customers make smarter, better-informed decisions. Our software solutions have a diverse range of real-world applications, from healthcare informatics to e-commerce to social data analytics for business intelligence and human resource management. We are a multidisciplinary team that brings together insights and expertise from computational psychology and social sciences, software engineering, natural language processing, and speech recognition. We, at ClaritySciTech, do not use AI as a buzzword, but draw on more than 10 years of collaborative research experience in building data-centric and trustworthy AI systems.

We are looking for a person with business management skills to be the fourth team member in a EXIST Forschungstransfer project (https://www.exist.de/EXIST/Navigation/DE/Gruendungsfoerderung/EXIST-Forschungstransfer/exist-forschungstransfer.html)

We are seeking a team member who combines business knowledge with technical expertise and shares our passion for science and technology. So ideally, you hold a degree in

• Business Administration and Engineering (Wirtschaftingenieur) or comparable

If you share our enthusiasm in science for industry, contact us at info@clarityscitech.net . We look forward to having you on our team and getting to know you!

Open from

from 11/15/2022

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