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Santander X Global Challenge | Education, Employability and Entrepreneurship

Santander X Global Challenge | Education, Employability and Entrepreneurship

  • 03/21/2024
  • 11:58 PM to 11:59 PM
  • English/German


  • Social Impact
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  • Finance

In collaboration with the Oxentia Foundation, Banco Santander launches a new global challenge to find solutions that promote access to education and lifelong learning, help improve employability, empower companies to spot top talent, strengthen entrepreneurship, promote sustainable growth, and aid startups to efficiently access key resources.

This initiative aims to help companies working to change the world where technological advances and work dynamics make support for education, employability, and entrepreneurship essential.

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Solutions should address issues aligned with one of the following challenge verticals:

  1. Education: Improve accessibility, participation, and learning outcomes.

We are looking for businesses with innovative initiatives in one of the following areas: online learning, skills development platforms and educational tools to promote inclusive education, personalised learning platforms powered by AI, virtual reality for immersive educational experiences, or adaptive technologies to fit diverse learning styles.

  1. Employability: New digital technologies that maximize people's opportunities to find a job and companies to identify the best talent.

This may include solutions to help candidates with augmented reality simulators for selection interviews or AI platforms that, based on the profile, offer personalized job opportunities, identifying the skills to develop for a specific position or career plan. In addition, we seek AI solutions, among others, to support companies in identifying key skills that are not shown in traditional recruiting processes.

  1. Entrepreneurship: Solutions that promote the creation of new ventures or accelerate the growth and transformation throughout their life cycle.

Some of the highlighted solutions could be disruptive incubation programs to generate new start-ups and access to resources to scale such as crowdfunding/financing solutions, mentoring platforms, key perks & benefits to grow and community generation.

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